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Tea Amos’ range of herbal organic pyramid teabags offers your customer a convenient way to enjoy a good cup of naturally healing speciality tea without the need to use a teapot or infuser. Tea Amo caters for the fast growing Australian tea market with many tea-drinkers having acquired a taste for higher quality organic teas found in biodegradable pyramid teabags. Tea Amo also offers all its blends as Loose Leaf, if required.

Tea Amo offers your customer a refreshing and unique tea drinking experience with our Tea Amo tea-ware and a convenient display system for your staff to quickly and efficiently serve your customers.

Why Choose Tea Amo to serve to your Customers

In a world full of stress and busy schedules we tend to neglect our health and wellbeing. Tea Amo was created to naturally enhance your health and vitality and provide some tranquility and simplicity in treating a variety of common health issues. Aside from the warmth, comfort and pleasure that Tea Amo teas provide, they were blended and created to harness their strong medicinal properties. Tea Amo means I love Tea because we guarantee that you will love our teas and they will love you back.

Tea Amo offers a variety of 7 organic blends with a flavour for every palate – sweet, minty, woody, spicy, flowery, citrus, liquorice and many more. In creating each specific blend different parts of the plant were used - the root, bark, stem, leaf, flower, and seed. From refreshing to soothing, Tea Amo offers an all- natural “pick-me-up” or can completely relax the mind and body. Tea Amo is naturally caffeine free, and for this reason is suitable for drinking at any time of the day or by those who cannot consume caffeinated teas.

When feeling overwhelmed or overworked, there is nothing that compares to the satisfaction of drinking an aromatic cup of Tea Amo tea. Tea Amos’ speciality healing tea blends offers you a moment out of your hectic day to relax, reflect and naturally enhance your health and vitality.

  1. Calm- can aid as a restorative and antidepressant if you suffer from stress and anxiety as a result of your stressful lifestyle. Ingredients: Oat straw, gotu kola, chamomile, lemongrass, marshmallow flowers, passionflower & lavender.
  2. Revive- will help improve focus and attention and alleviate your depleted energy levels as a result of your hectic schedule, demanding job and family pressures. Ingredients: Siberian Ginseng, Nettle, Liquorice and Cinnamon
  3. Unwind- will help you relax and unwind and have a restful nights’ sleep when you become wound up with the stresses and strains of today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Ingredients: Chamomile leaves, lemon balm, liquorice & ginger root
  4. Relieve- will help relieve sluggish digestion after an evening meal making it easier to have a restful nights’ sleep. Ingredients: Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals, Passionflower, Vervain, Hops, Lemon grass, Peppermint & Spearmint Leaves and St Johns Wort.
  5. Remedy-will help you survive cold, gloomy winter days and keep colds and flu at bay. This delicious tea creates inner warmth and is a good all year round tonic. Ingredients: Peppermint & Spearmint Leaves, Aniseed, Lemon Balm, Fennel Seed, Ginger Root & Liquorice.
  6. Cleanse- this tea assists in cleansing, detoxification, weight loss and improves skin health. It can assist in speeding up your metabolism and aid in the digestion of fats and sugar.
  7. Intimacy- this tea will excite and delight your palate and get you in the mood for romance and love. This love potion has a beautiful colour and exotic flavour so share it with that special person in your life as an after dinner AphroTEAsiac.
  8. Organic Earl Grey
  9. Organic English Breakfast

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