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The Tea Amo Process

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Herbal teas have been consumed for centuries, whether for enjoyment or as treatment for practically every illness or disease that has ever existed.  Hippocrates’ wise words, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” is certainly appropriate as far as herbal teas are concerned as they are concentrated foods with vital nutrients, vitamins, and medicinal properties. 

“Tea” technically only comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and includes Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea and White tea. “Herbal tea” is actually a “tisane”. It is an infusion made from anything other than the leaves of the tea plant and is caffeine free. Tisanes can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, seeds, fruits and roots. 

The aim of Tea Amo was to create 7 specific blends of herbal teas (tisanes) to treat common health and wellbeing issues.  Herbal Teas (Tisanes) exhibit wide and varied health benefits that are distinct to those attributed to Tea. Tea Amo herbal blends are made from a wide array of dried herbs which have been chosen for their various actions or to help treat various health and wellbeing conditions. The process of infusing the herbal blends in boiling water initiates the extraction of the active constituents of the combined herbs that has the desired action or effect on the body.   Herbal teas are a natural, safe, effective and enjoyable solution for people who want to get the protective health benefits of herbs in their daily diet, but don’t feel comfortable taking handfuls of herbs as capsules/ tinctures, and rarely use more than the standard herbs like garlic, rosemary and basil for cooking. Tea Amo Teas are a valuable resource for people who don’t want to rely on pills for minor discomforts and ills. In our complicated world, it’s nice to know that there are still some plain and simple solutions to make our everyday lives easier.

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Each Tea Amo blend brings together the sheer enjoyment of taste and the healing properties and benefits of the ingredients. Combining herbs that have a health benefit and are pleasurable to drink was a personal pursuit close to my heart. Finding ingredients that complimented each other and that produced a satisfying infusion was a long but rewarding process. CALM, UNWIND, REVIVE, RELIEVE, REMEDY, CLEANSE and INTIMACY offers a natural way to enhance your health and vitality in convenient to use bio-degradable pyramid tea bags. For natural healing, all you have to do is…steep, pour and enjoy.  

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Why organic

Tea Amo has selected only the finest quality organic herbs, spices and dried fruits from Australia and overseas to create our range of blends. Buying organic grown means you can have faith that your herbal tea comes to you just as nature intended it – no pesticides, no artificial growth promoters, and no genetic modification. The herbs used are the best quality available and have been hand harvested by highly skilled organic producers at optimum times within nature’s seasons and naturally shade- dried without excessive heat. The few herbs that cannot be sourced as “certified organic” have been “wildcrafted” (grown and harvested naturally in clean, remote areas thereby ensuring the plant's freshness and potency).

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Why biodegradable pyramid tea bags

Tea Amo is leading the way in the tea industry by offering specialty Organic herbal healing tea blends in biodegradable Pyramid Tea bags. The blends have been personally created and packed in Australia. We offer you the convenience of being able to brew a perfect herbal tea infusion in a teabag without compromising on quality and flavour. Using Organic ingredients encased in biodegradable material ensures that our tea range is not detrimental to your health or the environment.

Our blends are superior in quality and taste as we use exactly the same, high-grade loose leaf teas in the pyramid teabags that you would normally place in a traditional infuser. The machine that packs the tea is able to use full leaf tea rather than grinding it down or using a poorer quality tea (dust or fannings), like in conventional teabags. The advantage of the pyramid shape tea bag is that it infuses in the same way as a traditional infuser but is far more convenient, whilst surpassing the design of its conventional paper teabag counterpart.

Tea Amo prides itself on offering you not only healthy organic ingredients but packaging that is kind to you and our environment. Tea Amo pyramid tea bags are made from plant (corn) starch as its base material which is renewable, thereby helping to contribute to the development of a sustainable society. Whilst Tea Amo teabags are biodegradable, most others are currently made out of nylon or polyamide (plastic). Adding boiling water to a teabag made from synthetic fibres could have a serious impact on our physical health. Whilst nylon might be a convenient, long-lasting and cheap material to manufacture teabags from, it is not biodegradable and therefore has a major impact on the environment.

Tea Amo pyramid tea bags uses plant based fibers which are woven into a small net-like mesh, creating holes in the bag much larger than conventional paper teabags. The pouch allows the high-grade tea leaves, flowers, herbs and large pieces of fruit to move around freely inside, as they heat and cool, functioning the same as a loose leaf infuser. The pyramid shape means water comes in contact with more of the tea’s surface area than a conventional bag thus releasing more essential oils, nutrients and character into the cup. This process allows more of the active constituents of the herbs and plants to be extracted making them more beneficial to your health. The result is a high-quality, flavourful loose leaf tea which is easy to brew.

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