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About Us

I’m Chantal. Self-confessed herbal tea addict.

My introduction to herbal tea started many years ago when looking for a natural solution to cope with the stress of studying and working. I was keen to find natural alternatives to caffeine that would give me an energy boost, as well as keep me alert and focused. I came across the beneficial properties of certain herbs that when combined together could keep me alert, alleviate my energy-sapping stress, give me a pick me up, improve my focus and attention and most importantly tasted good (alas without knowing it at the time Revive tea was born).

My interest deepened and I continued to learn about herbs and alternative medicine, taking courses, reading books, seeing naturopaths and most importantly blending and brewing my own herbal tea recipes to harness their remedial and healing qualities to deal with the stresses and strains of my hectic life and my general wellbeing and health.

After marriage and having 3 beautiful children I became even more hooked on the healing and beneficial properties of herbs and natural medicine. Whilst my beautiful family brings a lot of happiness to my life it also come with a surplus of sleep deprivation, exhaustion, family pressures, stress, anxiety, indigestion and constant colds and flus (as my now lovely toddlers share not only their love but their germs!). In order to deal with these health and wellbeing issues I put into practice my well researched herbal medicine knowledge and experience with herbs to create speciality healing tea blends to naturally enhance mine and my husbands’ own health and vitality.

It was then that I decided to take a gamble and devote my time not only to my family but to my love of herbal tea as well. I knew that the health benefits and superior tastes that I was enjoying from my blends had to be shared and passed on to others who were experiencing the same health and wellbeing issues as I was, and so Tea Amo- I love Tea, was created.

Why not try our seven blends CALM, UNWIND, REVIVE, RELIEVE, REMEDY, CLEANSE & INTIMACY to naturally enhance your own health and vitality. Tea Amo prides itself on only using organic ingredients in convenient to use bio-degradable pyramid tea bags or as loose leaf.

For natural healing, all you have to do is…steep, pour and enjoy.